Hi, my name is Olivia Hill, and I am the founder of Baked Envy. To fully understand the story behind the beautiful cakes you see, we must journey back to learn about how I became me.


My dedication to my craft blooms for my experiences growing up. I suffered a rocky childhood in which I had no choice but to overcome more than one adversity. From this, I learned the resilience that I would need to thrive in my adult life. Before Baked Envy came to be, I was a single mother of one. To provide for my sweet daughter, I worked a career that I was not happy in for eight years. When my second daughter was born, I began to entertain the idea of staying at home. I loved being at home with my babies, but the financial ramifications of not working terrified me. I decided for that moment that I would lean into domestic life. My days comprised of my newborn and toddler, baby feeds, and diapers. Finding myself bored and restless at times, I would sit on my phone for hours scrolling through cake videos. The videos brought me joy and became a daily ritual. Often as I scrolled, I would the thought "I could do that better" would come across my mind. One morning I figured I may as well try. I drove out to a local cake supplies shop with all of my savings in hand, committed to pursuing excellence in my novel interest. I had no idea what to do or what I needed. I walked in a told the girls that worked at the shop that I want to make cakes and I have no supplies. They got me everything I needed and, in hindsight, a lot of things that I didn’t need.


I intended to make cakes that not only looked pretty but tasted incredible. With my new bags of supplies ready for use, the next step was to learn. I dusted off a few of my cookbooks and started from the beginning of the cakes section, baking my way to the end. I could not eat all of the cake I was making. I coined a strategy that I like to call beta testing. I would make them and then throw them away until they became good enough that I was confident that someone would buy them. It honestly, took quite a few cakes to get it right. I dedicated all of the time I had outside of mothering practicing my smoothing, piping and other intricate techniques. If I found myself lost or stuck, I’d scour the internet to troubleshoot the many problems I came across. The joy I discovered when watching cake videos was nothing compared to the bliss I experienced when I started making cakes myself. I am soothed by having an outlet of creativity. I began to make caked for my friends and family, specializing in elaborate, bespoke treats for events. As my cakes improved, my little business caught wind and people started ordering cakes! It was stressful at first because I can be quite shy and am a perfectionist, but I was up for the challenge. What began as a hobby became my heart. 


After the birth of my third child, I was scared that I would not be able to continue Baked Envy. Thankfully, with the support of my loved ones, I have been able to take things to the next level and master my craft, improving with every cake. I am self-made and self-taught. I am a girl with no education and a bunch of babies. Despite the challenges I faced, I decided to pursue my passion. Through this pursuit, I discovered that I have good taste and talent. I love what I have created with all of my heart. I want everyone who orders from Baked Envy to feel luxurious, knowing they have something no one else has. Baked Envy was built on endurance and the love of delectable cakes that are so good that they are worth coveting over.

With Love,



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